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Injectable Fillers

Improve Skin Texture through Injectable Fillers

The facial skin texture can be restored through soft-tissue injectable fillers such as collagen or fat. With age the face sags and develops lines, creases, scars, and depressions due to underlying tissue breakdown and gravitational effects. The deep folds and severe surface wrinkles which are considered to be more damaging and may not be treated by injectable fillers alone and must be connected with healthcare options such as resurfacing or face lifts for improved results

Injectable Filler Procedure Awareness and Preparedness

The fillers are said to be associated with a set of complications and risks but are rare and minor. The most common risks associated with injectable collagen are allergic reactions, redness, itching, swelling, infection, and scaring but are transitory and vanish after some time. Injectable fat may cause infection but can be avoided if proper medication is taken on time.

Some other injectable collagen and fat, there are other fillers such as Fibril and Grotex, which do pose minor risks. The life of the results depends on age, genetic make-up, lifestyle, and skin quality of the patient. Cosmetic surgery is often called to be the better option for long lasting results and permanent results. The medical practitioner's advice about the evaluation of the facial skin, muscles, underlying bone, medical history, drug allergies, anatomy, lifestyle, as well the patient's individual cosmetic requirements need to be judged by a surgeon are essential before the final treatment proceeds. The surgeon decides on the type of anesthesia to be used either local or total. Pregnant women and those allergic to beef bovine products are not allowed to go for a injectible filler procedure.

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