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India the vast coastline with the protective high head Himalayas in the north and the pious Indian nector Ganges waits for you to discover the eternal beauty that lies within India. Destination India to quench your thirst for aesthetics.

Visit India to discover nature at its best. Destination India to experience the exquisite beaches of Goa, Kovallam, sand-dunes of colorful Rajasthan, magical carvings on sandstone of Jaisalmer, the great Konark Sun Temple of Orissa, the historical Bodh-Gaya, Mussoorie the queen of Hills, the great Sufi shrine-Dargh at Ajmer, the hindu Pilgrimage pride-‘Pushkar’, the city of Lakes Udaipur, the marvel of sculpture-Hawa Mahal, the historical astronomical center-Jantar Mantar at Jaipur and Delhi, or the world’s wonder Taj Mahal in the north.

Destination India to experience the royal great historical forts of Ranthambor Chittor in Rajasthan. The great Salarjung Museum and unique Char-Minar in Hyderabad are indespensible part of Destination India. To fully disvocer what is Destination India one needs to visit the marble rocks, the amazing caves of Khajraho, Grand Howrah Bridge of Kolkota, the Planetoriums of Kolkota and Jaipur, the historical grand Meenakshi temple at Madhurai and various great temples in Southern India.

Discover the charm of India in the confluence at Kanyakumari of Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal which is unmatchable in the world. The flora and fauna in Destination India attracts all the discoverers of India. The Jim Corbet Park in the lap of Himalayas, the Kanha Park in Madhya Pradesh and tiger Sanctuary of Ranthambor, zoological garden of Kolkota can never be wiped out of the memory once visited. The Destination India list is long and can only be covered if Destination India is discovered at leisure.

Fabulous mountain resorts of Simla,- the summer capital of British Raj in India, attractive hill station Nanital, the highest and the most beautiful Dal lake of Srinagar, the tree gardens of Darjeling are among the favorite destination India locations often visited by a large number of tourists from all around the world.

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