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Travel safety

Safety during the travel is crucial. So as to enjoy the full benefits of medical tourism one need to stay healthy throughout the entire journey. The following travel safety tips have been derived after research by various medical tourists.

Travel Tips! :

    • Keep exchange with you always as there are fewer shops accepting dollars.
    • The travelerís cheque will not do always.
    • Keep a good travel guide book always with you.
    • Keep the detailed map of the area you are going to visit.
    • Keep your credit, debit and other security cards safe and secure.
    • Keep your valuable with you always.
    • Do not give your camera or any other article to anybody as it might not come back.
    • Book the room for lodging early to save money.
    • Arrive early at the airport or railway station to avoid unnecessary hassle.
    • Donít distribute coins or other food articles as this may invite trouble for you.
Travel Risks:
    • Keep your luggage and other articles secure and safe. Use chains to fasten.
    • Keep yourself secure. Donít allow anybody to hug you as they might try to frisk you.
    • Donít accept food articles from others and carry your packed food always as you would not find good quality food everywhere.
    • Try to remain healthy throughout the journey. Carry water with you always. Use a straw instead of drinking anything with a bottle.
    • Eat and drink a lot to avoid dehydration as Rajasthan is an arid zone and the fluids are necessary for sustenance.
    • Keep your clean to avoid health hazards.
    • Keep an emergency medical kit with you always.
Tips from Travelers:
The following are the tips from real time travelers who actually wanted to share some tips with you.
    • Mobile Tips: Carrying a mobile during traveling is convenient but all the networks do not provide connectivity or roaming. It is convenient to carry and stay connected with people back home always with the help of a mobile. It is more cost effective to go for a short message than a call.
    • Always keep something to eat with you as it might be possible that you would not find less spicy food to eat.
    • Always bargain for the room prices as there is always a margin for concession.
    • Plan your tour on off-peak days excepting the festive days as that may save some money on boarding and lodging.
    • Some travelers feel that touring is not safe for lone women. But Rajasthan being a peaceful state is conducive for all.
    • Keep an insect repellent with you always.
    • Agree on the total prices of boarding and lodging only after a fair bargaining.

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