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Q. What is the advantage of using India health visit as opposed to using other medical tourism operators or individual surgeons who boast to provide medical tourism services?
India health visit is the only trusted and most favored one stop gateway to all medical facilities in India. Through us you have a direct link and fast access to the best and most experienced Specialists and Surgeons.

Q. What is this term medical tourism?
Medical tourism is in lay man terms a process of traveling to a foreign country or to a specific destination to obtain cure for any medical ailment. Medical tourism is an age old concept but is become now-a-days. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their home countries to India for long to obtain cure for the diseases. Medical tourism has been in vogue these days because of the long waiting periods. The global elite travel to India in search of quick and easy health care solutions. They can easily get anonymity and luxury at affordable rates.

Q. What services are included in Medical Tourism?
Once you are with India health visit you need not bother about anything as it will be our responsibility to pick you up from the airport, accommodate you at the desired hotel, complete ground transportation, medical procedures, travel packages and much more.

Q. Why should I go for medical or surgical procedures outside the US?
The cost of the medical procedures in India is 80 percent less than the same procedures in the US. This difference in cost enables you to have the added opportunity to spend some time in an exotic country, recover in a multi star hotel or resort in complete anonymity and return without spending much.

Q. Is cost an important factor to consider rather than quality service?
Absolutely not, however, the low cost treatment available is an added advantage and should never be the only consideration for the medical tourist. Low cost does not mean that there is any compromise with the quality of health care facilities in India. If this had been the case then India would not have attracted the trust of millions of medical tourists. However we will endeavor to help you find the best medical tourism package in India.

Q. What is the broad difference of costs in India and abroad?

The difference though depends on the medical procedure that you undergo but generally it is only 10% of the total
medical expense in US. Here is a comparative analysis of the costs of some of the medical procedures

Medical Procedure United States India % difference
Bone Marrow Transplant
Liver Transplant
Heart Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Smile designing
Metal Free Bridge
Dental Implants
Porcelain Metal Bridge
Porcelain Metal Crown
Tooth impactions
Root canal Treatment
Tooth whitening
Tooth colored fillings
Tooth cleaning

Q. Why is medical care so much cheaper in India?
The medical and health care in India is much cheaper as compared to the medical and health facilities in US or UK because of the cheap labor and infrastructural setup. The low cost yet high quality medical and health services in India are possible only due to the vision on focusing to make India as the medical tourism hub and to provide the world with world class medical tourism facilities.

Q. Are foreign Doctors Trustworthy?
A doctor is a doctor and his or her integrity cannot be questioned at any point of time. A doctor is determined and upon an oath to work for the welfare of the people in need. It least matters that the US or UK doctors are more competent or trustworthy as compared to the foreign doctors. You will find loads of Indian doctors in US and UK.

Q. Is correspondence with Individual Doctors possible?
We will facilitate your correspondence with the individual doctors to help you address and discuss the important issues.

Q. Are the hospitals in India safe?
The credibility of Indian Hospitals is beyond doubt. The key trust factors being world class infrastructure and highly efficient and professional doctors in these hospitals. Even some of the renowned hospitals of India are visited by foreign doctors. Some of the hospitals in India are in the process of accreditation by various foreign countries for medical tourism purposes.

Q. Why have you selected India as your medical tourism destination?
The key features of health facilities in India are:
    • Top quality healthcare services at low cost
    • Expert team of professional doctors
    • High end medical & health care facilities
    • 100% Trustworthy
    • 100% success rate
    • Excellent skill set and expertise of Indian doctors and support staff who have trained in some of the best centers across the world.
    • Increasing shortage of competent medical care staff and specialists in developed countries.
    • Delays and the Collapse of public health care systems as well as bureaucratic hurdles in medical and health care facilities.
    • High end personal care which led to the positive response of the patients who have experienced the hospitality and care in Indian hospitals.
    • Realization of India as a country with immense tourism potential
    • Medical and health care options available to the patients regarding the costs as well as the different medical health tourism packages.

Q. Can you advise which doctors and/or hospitals to visit?
We at India health visit are determined to help and provide all round medical tourism solutions to you. We have the list of all the leading doctors and hospitals in India and are sure to find the best one suited to you.

Q. What if the medical procedure is not found in the list that you provide?
If you are not able to find the medical procedure that you intend to go for you can contact us at

Q. What if my family doctor desist me from medical procedure abroad?
Such an advice is normal but it is up to you now to decide and weigh the added benefits of going on a medical tourism to India.

Q. Is it safe to travel a long distance after a surgical procedure?
The first thing that you rest assured is that there is no compulsion or a hurry to discharge you unlike US or UK. The doctors will discharge only when they are assured that you can travel.

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