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Ear Surgery Otoplasty

Ear Surgery popularly known as Otoplasty.

Otoplasty Explained?

Through Otoplasty (Ear surgery), cosmetic surgery the appearance of an individualís ears can be improved. is a type of cosmetic surgery during which the appearance of an individual's external ears can be improved. The size or position of the ears can be changed with the help of Otoplasty.

The preferable age for otoplasty is adolescence but if necessary, it can also be performed on adults as well without any severe complications.

Pre-Otoplasty Issues

A qualified, experienced surgeon evaluates the condition of the patient to decide on the most-effective treatment. The things that are most taken into account are medical history, weight history, allergies, and current medications. General anesthesia is given to children but a local anesthesia will do for the adults.

Otoplasty Procedure Know how

The average period for the entire otoplasty is two-to-three hours. The cartilage of the ear is exposed with the help of a small incision. The cartilage scalped to bend it towards the head. The new shape remains intact with the help non-removable stitches.

Post Otoplasty Care

A head dressing is usually put on the head to help reduce the swelling and protect the ear after surgery, patients are required to put on a head dressing, which helps reduce the swelling and protects the ears when they heal. The dressing is removed after a week or ten days. A faint scar may be there which fades with time.

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