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The question that can bother you about medical facilities abroad or in India is the accreditation factor. Also you may ask, are foreign doctors Trustworthy? The answer to such a question is very simple. And the answer is the constant increase in the foreign patients visiting India for one or the other medical procedures.

As far as the integrity and competence level of the doctor is concerned a doctor is a doctor and his or her integrity cannot be questioned at any point of time. A doctor is determined and upon an oath to work for the welfare of the people in need. It least matters that the US or UK doctors are more competent or trustworthy as compared to the foreign doctors. You will find loads of Indian doctors in US and UK. To your surprise some of the nations have started giving accreditation to India due to the quality medical care in India.

Focusing on the Indian medical procedure standards let us clarify that the medical infrastructure facilities available in India match the highest grade of medical procedure standards abroad. The doctors in India are highly competent and most of them have completed their specialized studies abroad. So there is no question in challenging the medical facilities available in India. India is proud to offer international standard medical procedures to the medical tourists who visit India.

The credibility of Indian Hospitals is beyond doubt. The key trust factors being world class infrastructure and highly efficient and professional doctors in these hospitals. Even some of the renowned hospitals of India are visited by foreign doctors. Some of the hospitals in India are in the process of accreditation by various foreign countries for medical tourism purposes. Colleagues

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