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Root Canal

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal is the treatment procedure for the teeth when the tiny canals are infected by bacteria. The pulp present inside the tooth is infected and the tooth pains. The procedure of removal of this diseased pulp is known as root canal as the procedure undergoes a treatment till the root canal of the tooth. The major causes why people intend to go for this is that the bacterial infection reaches the pulp of the tooth and contaminates the root pulp of the tooth. Other reasons also lead to the removal of the pulp or root canal i.e. untreated cavities, poor dental hygiene, and infection. Some Other reasons also make root canal necessary such as trauma, extensive restorative work, or aggressive brushing can also lead to infected pulp. The first and traumatic indication of the infection and a preparation for root canal in the pulp is toothache. Other symptoms like difficulty in chewing, breathing, talking, and laughing are often accompanied by it. Root canal is necessarily a healthcare procedure and should not be in any case considered as cosmetic.

Root Canal: The Procedure

Root canal is a fairly longer process and may involve more than one visit to the dentist. The process involves drilling into the tooth to reach the pulp. The diseased pulp is then removed. Pre root canal procedures involve extensive imaging of the root of the teeth as well as the estimation of the extent of the disease in the tooth. The root canal procedure is generally done under mild anesthesia but in severe cases a general anesthesia is administered to the patient. The root canal is cleaned thoroughly and sanitized to remove the infection. The root canal is then filled and a cap is applied to it. The favorite material for filling after root canal is silver and gold but these days dentists prefer to use flexible plastic polymer. After care for a root canal includes proper cleaning and brushing.

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