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Pilonidal Sinus Surgery

What is Pilonidal Sinus Surgery?

Pilonidal sinus surgery is a healthcare procedure to treat the growth of hairs under the skin and over the tailbone. Hairs pass inwards through the little holes (sinuses) in the skin. Germs build up among the hairs, causing pain, swelling and discharge. Sometimes the sinuses like these form near old scars or between the fingers. A pilonidal sinus refers to the condition where this growth occurs under the skin over the tailbone. Pilonidal sinus surgery is considered minor, though occasionally it may involve complex plastic surgery as well.

What Happens in Pilonidal Sinus Surgery?

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery is performed under general anesthesia; the surgeon will cut away the skin containing the sinuses and then remove the underlying tissues. The surgeon may stitch up the cut to facilitate healing, or may allow the wound to heal by filling with scar tissue. Sometimes an oily dressing or a special silicon sponge may be packed into the wound. Postoperative hospital stays usually last two days. Another is to stitch up the space and let the wound heal. You would usually have a general anaesthetic and be completely asleep. For a small operation, numbing the skin with a local anaesthetic injection may be all that is needed. The skin with the sinuses is cut out. The space with its hairs is either cleaned out or is cut out. The space may be left open to fill in from inside to leave a widish scar.

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