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Penis Frenuloplasty

What is a Penis Frenuloplasty?

A frenulum is a small fold of tissue designed to secure or restrict motion of a mobile body organ; in this case the foreskin. he foreskin is the sleeve of loose skin which covers the bulb end of the penis (the glans). One end of the sleeve grows from the base of the glans. The other end lies freely over the glans to protect it. Sometimes the foreskin is very tightly fixed to the under surface of the penis, This can cause discomfort on intercourse. A short frenulum restricts normal retraction of the foreskin during erection, causing discomfort while engaging in intercourse.

How Is a Penis Frenuloplasty Performed?

General anesthesia and a hospital stay may be needed under severe conditions. A V-shaped cut is made, then the frenulum is loosened and sewn in the shape of a Y, adding about 1.5 cm to its length. Small, dissolving stitches seal the incision and dissipate in a week to ten days. The operation can be done as a day case, meaning that you come into hospital on the day of the operation and go home the same day, or a non-day case, where you will spend two nights or so in hospital.

Any Alternatives

If you leave things as they are the problems may well get worse. Stretching the band does not work. A formal circumcision to remove the whole of the foreskin is not needed.

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