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Neck Lift

Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty)-- The Need

An excessively fleshy neck (sometimes referred to as a "turkey neck") is often problematic for some and they may be self conscious about it and often feel ashamed. This happens due to the phenomena that the neck muscles become loose and soon hang to form 'bands' around the neck and the areas near the chin. Those who suffer can only understand the need of a Neck lift which is designed to address such condition. Neck lift is specially designed to reduce the loose look of the sagging skin by trimming the excess skin as well as removing fat deposits from the neck and and the jaw area. The redefinition of the skin is achieved by reapiring the muscles of the neck. The neck lift can also be performed as part of the facial line filling or the face lift.

Neck after Neck LIft

All the pre procedure inquiries like accreditation of the surgeon, his or her expertise in performing such operations, and possible complications and risks involved in the surgery etc. need to be addressed to and a complete assurance is what is needed. The procedure involves two small incisions behind or under the ears, and sometimes a small incision under the chin is also required if the excess fat reaches to that area.

Neck lift procedure trims the fat muscles around the neck. The incisions are closed with the help of a suture or tissue glue. Two to three hours is what is needed to get rid of the excess fat and the sagging of the neck. The post surgery healthcare may include pain killers for some time.

Also the patient need to keep the head and neck still and is advised to sleep incline. Refrain from smoking and any kind of strenuous activities or sports for 6-8 weeks is waht is generally advised by the neck lift medical practitioner. Once recovered the patient can lead a normal and happy life without that self consciousnes and the patient gains a ever new youthful appearance.

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