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Knee replacement surgery

Knee Arthritis

The wear and tear of the knee joint is termed as Knee Arthritis. The gradual wearing away of the cartilage of the knee joint increases friction and thereby the patient is not able to move around or walk easily. The knee replacement procedure is followed only to those with severe knee joint damage.

Also the patients suffering from urinary tract infection or prostate are not advised to go for unless there is a dire need of it.

Knee Replacement Surgery, the Gold Standard

The knee replacement surgery involved spinal anesthesia which is administered based on the condition of the patient. An incision id made on the knee and the knee cap or the patella is moved. The damaged surfaces of the thigh bone the lower leg bones are then replaced with caps either made of metal or plastic, with or without bone cement.

Other synthetic materials are also available like ceramics, stress resistant polymers and lighter metals. Once the surgery is over the skin is closed and after some days physical therapy rest, antibiotics, and pain medication are administered for speedy recovery.

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