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Hip Replacement Surgery

Healthcare Solutions for Hip Arthritis

The common cause of Hip arthritis is friction and consequent wear-and-tear in cartilage in the ball and socket hip joint. Hip replacement can be really helpful in alleviation of the consequent pain and lack of movement. Patients suffering from angina and urinary infection may not be eligible unless the doctor approves of it or the situation warrants it.

Hip Replacement Surgery- Preparation

The patient about to go for a hip replacement surgery is closely monitored for smoking, excessive weight, abnormal blood pressure, varying hormone levels, and impaired heart and lung functions. The type of anesthesia (general or spinal) depends on the general condition of the patient. The surgery usually incurs a 10 inch long incision on the side of the hip. The damaged and wearied bone is replaced by an artificial joint. The skin is then stitched or clipped. The kind of hip joint to be used depends on the patient’s condition.

Hip Replacement Surgery and post-operative-care

The two important factors of the post operative care are that the movement must be restricted from some time to avoid any re –dislocation of the joint so fixed. Also a fine tube is fixed to drain the residual blood in the wound. The average recovery time for a hip replacement surgery is 6 weeks that is generally followed by regular health check-ups to monitor any complications like infections, pain, discomfort, excessive bleeding. It is not advisable to cross the legs, bend forward or lean forward. Loose joints may be treated by additional surgery.

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