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Facial Line Filling

Facial Line Filling Explained

Facial line filling is a an integral part of the facial implant healthcare option available to make the facial features according to the wish of the patient. Outline definition, deficit correction in cheekbone, jaw, and chin, and similar requirements can be easily fulfilled with that of facial line filling. In this procedure local anaesthesia is given through lidocaine and similar anaesthetic agents. The most important part of facial line filling is that the implant needs to be inline with the adjacent tissues.

Facial Line Filling procedure

A non toxic, removable and stable both physically and chemically 'BIO-ALCAMID' has proved to be the best option for the implant substance and has proven to be an effective implant substance. BIO-ALCAMID offers softness and consistency similar to the adjacent skin and the difference cannot be identified easily. The substance has no side effects when used in the facial line filling. The reason being that it has a large part of 96% water and 4% synthetic reticulate polymer that makes it an ideal not for just facial line filling but for any of the cosmetic applications, post-traumatic injuries and post-surgery scars, serious congenital facial, and body microgenia. The substance is does not induce allergic reactions.

Post Facial Line Filling Healthcare

The post facial line healthcare leads to speedy recovery. The part which reddens and swells after facial line filling disappears after a few hours of the surgery. The desired effect of the facial line filling is achieved after 8 weeks of the surgery or implant. The medical practitioner advises to avoid sunlight for one month to prevent secondary pigmentation.

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