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Extensor Tendon Repair

Extensor Tendon Repair

The extensor tendon repair is required when the cord which joins the back of the wrist and the hand to the fingers is torn or ruptured. The common causal factors for Extensor tendon rupture are rheumatoid arthritis, repetitive stress, degenerative diseases, and injury.

Extensor Tendon Repair- Preparations

The short term relief can be sought with the help of a cast. It can limit movement and thus reduces pain. It is ineffective because it does not repair the tendon.

Thus, it is advisable that those with a broken tendon must go for surgery as soon as possible to avoid hardening and calcification of the tendon. It is however mandatory to inform the doctor about any of the past ailments or allergies before the actual surgery.

Performing Extensor Tendon Repair

After the general anesthesia an incision is made on the back of the wrist and the end of the ruptured tendon is stitched to the adjacent intact tendon. The sin wound is stitched and closed.

A plaster is cast so as to reduce movement and speedy recovery. The plaster may require intermittent change. The stitches take around 10 days to heal and normal functioning is restored after regular physical therapy.

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