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Dental Caps

Dental Caps: Know what these are?

Dental caps are popularly known as dental crowns and are the pre designed custom made covers so as to protect root systems that have become exposed due to decayed, diseased, or injured teeth. The possible cause when the dental caps are used is when there are Cavities, root canals, insufficient enamel, disease, and aging. Dental caps are the most important part of a cosmetic surgery used to beautify existing teeth that don't suffer from any serious complications.

Dental Caps: Do you need it?

Check out if you have an overbite, bruxism, old fillings, sensitive teeth, or a history of various dental issues. if you have one of these consider yourself as one of the probable candidate for Dental caps. Also do consult your dentist, orthodontists, or dental surgeon before going in for a surgery. The medical practitioner will peruse your medical history, allergies, medications, dental hygiene, and lifestyle to make sure that dental caps are the best option for you. There are some cases where dentures, dental crowns, traditional fillings, or braces are more effective than the dental caps.

Smiling Healthcare with Dental Caps Dental Crowns

Once dental caps are diagnosed, the dental surgeon will take the impression of your teeth and will send it to the laboratory where the dental caps will be made according to the shape and size of your teeth. The usual time required for the dental caps is one to two weeks. During the process some restoration or repair work can also be carried out on the teeth to help fix the dental caps. Sometimes temporary dental caps are put in place to ensure that further overbite or decay is prevented.

The three kinds of dental caps available are gold, ceramic, or ceramic-veneered gold. The gold and metal-ceramic provide strong, durable caps. Ceramic caps are preferred because they more easily match the coloration of normal tooth enamel of the front teeth. Once the dental crowns are ready the medical practitioner will then cement the dental caps to your teeth and will call you for regular checkups to keep the dental caps intact.

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