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Caesarean Section

What is a Caesarean Section?

A C-section, also called a cesarean section, is the delivery of a baby through a surgical abdominal incision. During surgical procedure in which a surgeon delivers a baby through an incision in the motherís abdomen and womb. A caesarean section provides lower risk than a natural, vaginal delivery, especially if complicating factors exist. Surgery is usually done while the woman is awake but anesthetized from the chest to the legs by epidural or spinal anesthesia.

Who Requires a Caesarean Section?

C-section delivery can depend on the obstetrician, the delivery location, and the woman's past deliveries or medical history. A breech birth (the baby is facing the wrong way) or fetal distress is also justification for the procedure. A caesarean section is typically elective surgery, so you need to discuss the risk factors with your healthcare provider in advance, to allow you to make an informed decision. C-sections have become very safe procedures. The rate of serious complications, such as maternal death related to C-section delivery, is extremely low.

What to Expect with a Caesarean Section.

Using a general anesthetic or an epidural, your surgeon will make an incision in the lower abdomen to gain access to the womb. The surgeon will open your womb, lift out the baby and placenta and then stitch the incisions. Women who have C-section deliveries can often have a normal vaginal delivery with later pregnancies, depending on the type of C-section performed and the reason the C-section was performed. Postoperative stay is generally one week, during which time your healthcare provider will supply necessary painkillers and an IV drip to replenish salt, sugar, water, and blood. You should be walking within two days of the caesarean section, breastfeeding in four days, and resuming all regular activities within six weeks.

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