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Buttock Lift

Let us know what is Buttock Lift Surgery?

A new procedure has come into highlight in the recently years due to the increasing concern of people towards cosmetics. The average cost of Buttock lift cosmetic surgery goes around $4000 in the US that can be over 90% less in India. It can simply be carried out in a two-hour surgery and an overnight stay in a hospital may be required.

Buttock Lift Surgery - Procedure

The surgery is generally performed under local or general anesthesia after the prior healthcare assessment of the patient. Some patients though prefer liposuction to buttock lift. The surgery generally involves cutting away of the thick underlying layer of fat at the junction of the buttocks and lower back.

The excess fluid is flushed out with the help of tubes on the sides. The remaining skin that is loose is stretched and stitched. The buttock is then reshaped according to the reduced size.

Pre-Post buttock Lift Healthcare

The pre-post buttock lift healthcare is far more important than the surgery itself. The plastic surgeon advises against smoking or drinking. Asprin the common pain killer is also not advised as it thins the blood which may increasing bleeding as delays the healing process.

Post-surgery Healthcare

Post-surgery healthcare is vital. The mild tightness of the skin and mild swelling for two to three days is quite a common problem and is soon cured in three-four days. Normal life is soon resumed within one month.

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